Rob Lane


I’m so grateful that Cara Lane and I have the humbling responsibility of leading a faith community here in Northern California. Needless to say, it has been a wild adventure. We know that life is not always downhill but it is the uphill that strengthens a community of people learning to love Jesus and one another well. We have seen God’s faithfulness time and time again in this journey of discovering more of who a Real God is and what it looks like to simply be authentic in a culture that constantly bombards us that being fake by doing what everyone else seeks to be and do is cool and “popular.” We lay down the “platform of popularity” so that all glory and honor is given to the One who gives and takes away breath! It was never my desire to be a Lead Pastor of a church because of the weighty responsibility that is easy to treat with a spirit of entitlement, messiah complex, and careless personal kingdom building. God’s call and plan often comes to fruition when the mind and heart say, “Never, not me!” I am grateful to the people who live and love in and by Living Water. I love that God has us as a family and His plan to grow the greater family called His Church. Love that we get to be on that mission TOGETHER!