LIFE TOGETHER GROUPS: Because circles are better than rows.

Finding your tribe is easy.

Our Life Together Groups exist to be the body of Christ in both the challenges and successes of your life.

Here, you can find greater intimacy with God and strengthen your relationships with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us come together as we lift up, encourage, and support one another all for the glory of God.

Commitment is the basis, but community in Christ is the aim. What might this look like in more concrete terms? What are the marks that signify authentic Christian fellowship beyond going to church on Sundays? What does a shared life really look like in which the Spirit bears its fruit?

The fellowship of the early church was marked by how it shared material life together. It was this very practical expression of love that so impressed pagan society. Their love for one another was not in words, but in deeds — demanding real, physical sacrifices.

Join us in our Life Together Groups as we see what and how the very first church lived the life of togetherness and how we can, in fact, enjoy such a life, too.