Journey To A New Home

Our Journey

In 2020, during the lockdowns, God uprooted us and sent us to Wilton, CA. We believe this was a direct answer to our prayer: "God, please send us where there is the greatest need." Originally, we thought our time in Witon would only be temporary and then return us back to the city we started in 1999- Elk Grove, CA.

During that season, we held outdoor services on the piece of land that effectually became known as the Field of Faith. One year later, we purchased the land and began seeking the Lord's heart and purpose for us.

After years of praying and planning, we are excited to announce plans to build. Lord willing, we will be breaking ground in 2024. Please pray for us as we seek to use this tool for the Kingdom of God. We seek to use this building in the community for the community.

Thank you!

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Home Plate Field Of Faith